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Credit Cards for Hot Checks

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July 06, 2011, 11:43
Credit Cards for Hot Checks
We are considering a move to allow credit card payments for hot checks. I'd like to know what problems, if any, other offices have had with that system. Fraud is my biggest concern.

July 07, 2011, 15:03
We use for credit/debit card transactions, and both of our last 2 hot check managers say that it was the best decision about hot checks we've ever made. I don't know anything about other services, but this one lets us charge up to $500 per transaction, up to 4 transactions for a single card, with a charge of $6.50 added to the payment for each transaction. This lets people pay restitution online, over the phone or in person.

We haven't run into any problems with fraud or identity theft as far as I'm aware. We're about a 40-50K population county for comparison's sake.

It sounds like I'm doing a promo for them, but it really has been helpful to us.