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CAC interviews

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January 22, 2020, 09:46
CAC interviews
Our CAC is interviewing more kids all the time between "at risk" for physical/sexual/drug endangered. We had a child sex case, the typical delayed but "good outcry" case. On the eve of trial and while preparing the victim we discover child interviewed 3 other times including one close in time to the abuse. Call our CAC those interviews are off server and no outcry anyway. Of course I concede reasons for delayed outcry and we believe child but I am approaching from exculpatory/Brady view. So questions arise: Do I insist on agency checking with the CAC for interviews? Order CPS records and cross check? Make the CAC provide me an updated index of interviews? I don't normally get on the forum but I am thinking someone is dealing with this as prevalent as the interviews are becoming and too often the same kids are abused over and over and maybe there is a database somewhere in CPS I don't know about.