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Thanks to Shaken Baby Alliance

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June 10, 2005, 17:10
Thanks to Shaken Baby Alliance
I just finished a really, really tough child abuse capital murder case and wanted to put in a huge plug for the Shaken Baby Alliance in Fort Worth. They were an absolute lifesaver before and during my trial.
I contacted Bonnie Armstrong, the founder of the alliance, a couple of months before the trial and she pledged any and all assistance I may need. And boy did she deliver!
Jay Lapham really helped out in drafting my new indictment.
Bonnie also sent Angela Miranda Clark, a new attorney on staff, to help out in any way I may need her.
I had received a report from the defense expert that was beyond ridiculous. Angela provided me with a stack of medical textbooks, journals, and articles that was about 2 feet high, all of which directly contradicted his opinion. Fun, fun cross examination.....
Bonnie provided me with a life sized doll (a similar one was featured in the TDCAA magazine about a year ago) that was absolutely spooky to use in demonstrations. (So spooky that I couldn't use it in front of the family for fear of sending them over the edge). Additionally, they provided me with wonderful anatomy diagrams and models to use during the ME's testimony.

If you have a difficult child injury or death case coming up, I'd urge you to give the SBA a call at 817-882-8686 if you need assistance.
Thanks Bonnie, Angela, and Jay!
June 13, 2005, 11:36
Lisa, I couldn't agree more. Bonnie and the folks at SBA helped me immensely on a baby murder case I tried a year or so back. I couldn't recommend them more highly if you wind up with a baby murder on your hands.
June 21, 2005, 10:39
L.J. Griffin
Thanks for posting the information about the Shaken Baby Alliance. We are working a case at this time and I hope it soon comes together good enough to get an indictment. If it does, we will be calling the Alliance for help.

I am curious about the defense's opinion of what happened in your case. Our defense lawyer, Keith Spencer from Bedford, has a far out theory that the injuries are vaccine induced encephalitis. This could also cause phantom images on x-rays and bone scans that appear to be broken ribs. If you have time please e-mail me or post your defense's theory.
June 21, 2005, 11:27
Go to You'll find most, if not all, of the "canned" defenses to shaken baby syndrome. There's a ton of other literature out there on the net as well. The Shaken Baby Alliance can also get you all the literature you have time to read.
June 21, 2005, 16:06
My case actually was not a shaken baby case. Mine involved (most probably) a stomping of a 2 1/2 year old. she died from a transected duodenum.
The defense expert said she could have existed fairly normally with that injury for 12 to 24 hours. Just enough time for the parents to have had custody, not the babysitter defendant. Whatever.....
June 21, 2005, 17:56
For LJ Griffin: Dr. Mary Case, the ME for ST. Louis, Mo and environs would be very good for such a defense. Jay Lapham at the SBA will have her contact info.
June 22, 2005, 10:36
L.J. Griffin
Thanks for all of these post. I have printed it and put in our file so I will have the names and numbers when needed. Thanks again.