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life at the farm

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January 28, 2005, 12:08
Stuart Neal
life at the farm
I am trying an animal cruelty case in 2 weeks that involves a farm of sorts and over 229 seperate animals. No animals had adequate food, shelter or care. I am considering amending the information to cover only one dog and then offer evidence of the other 228 animals in punishment as other bad acts.

Does this sound like a good idea or are there any other suggestions. Thanks for all of your help.
January 28, 2005, 16:04
Brent Ratekin
I am in the middle of preparing an animal cruelty case that involves over 300 dogs. We have only alleged four counts right now and in each complaint all that I have alleged is one animal per complaint. I did give notice to the defense that I was going use the other animals as bad acts because the other animals are included in the pictures and on the videos. I did not want the defense to try and keep the video out on 404(b) claim.

You might try contacting the SPCA of Texas for assistance. They were involved in my case and they have been extremly helpful. They also did a great job in documenting the animals condition. They took digital pictures of all the animals and utilized a video camera to regard the entire scene. They were also familar with the vets that the defense intends to use and were able to give me some ammunition to attack them with.