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Forgery Charges

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October 19, 2004, 20:38
Forgery Charges
I'm trying to find what the minimum charge is for a forgery/theft by check in Texas?
For my mother's business for her rent checks, I signed her name and the checks didn't clear, she knew they didn't but because of an agreement with the landlord, the checks would be paid off in a promissary note. Since the note was not keep up to date, he sent the checks to the DA, they tried to contact her but her address wasn't updated so she got no info regarding them. They arrested her and now she must go to court for theft of check charges. Since I signed her name she wants me to be responsible for the checks. Isn't this a forgery FELONY charge? I need info on what would happen to her to just pay the checks off and what would happen to me for Forgery? Someone please give info I am stressing!
October 20, 2004, 07:39
Tim Cole
This is not a forum for the general public to seek legal advice, as the disclaimer clearly states prior to entering a discussion on the forum. You should seek the advice of your own counsel.