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Grand juror talking to press

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October 02, 2007, 08:14
Grand juror talking to press
How do you write the sound of a snore?

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October 03, 2007, 23:00
Terry Breen
Doran! Doran!

Have you forgotten why it cost so much money to investigate Bill?

Firstly, Bill had a policy of non-cooperation with investigating authorities. He and his people were as tight-lipped as Mafia Dons when it came to coming forward with info for investigators. Bill encouraged his subordinates to take the 5th, and to not testify.

W, on the other hand, has a policy for members of his administration, requiring cooperation with investigating agencies. Moreover, if a staffer takes the 5th, he must resign or be fired.

Secondly, Starr ended up having to investigate a raft of scandles. Fitzpatrick had just one, very simple case.

As for "tough as nails" prosecutors hailing Fitzpatrick's indictment. I don't know that I qualify as a prosecutor who is tough as a nail, or even as "tough as a boot." But I would never have sought an indictment for perjury if I were confronted with a similar set of facts as Fitzpatrick.

For one thing, the case depends on recollections of witnesses and the defendant, about an event that at the time seemed relatively unimportant, and therefore, memories could be easily mistaken. I would never wish to prosecute someone for Agg. Perj. if there was a reasonable chance the statement was merely mistaken, and not an actual lie. Secondly, the matter that was allegedly lied about, was all "much of a muchness." Valary Plame was not "outed" by Scooter Libby, but by someone else, and in any case, she was no longer covered by the statute making outing her a crime, since she had not worked overseas in many years. In fact, I understand a reporter called CIA HQ, and asked if they had a Valery Plame working there, and he was told yes. Apparently CIA was not concerned about hiding her ID.

Frankly, I don't want either one as AG. I liked Ed Meese.
October 03, 2007, 23:28
to laud all things named Starr that are praiseworthy, and there are many in our Great State, I bring you...(drumroll)

Goodbye and goodluck, Mr. Williams.