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DWI Expert - "Need the Info..."

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July 23, 2007, 17:39
DWI Expert - "Need the Info..."
I have an upcoming DWI trial vs. Jamie Balagia, "the DWI Dude". Main expert witness is Michael Hlastala. May also call Joseph Citron, Optometrist.

I found links to Hlastala's web profile & stuff through a previous page. Has anyone had a trial w/ him, Citron, or Balagia recently? What can I expect out of them?
July 23, 2007, 18:55
I recommend a motion in limine that prevents the attorney from parking his vehicle anywhere near jurors on trial dates. He likes to put big signs on his truck, etc., making negative comments about DWI arrests.
July 23, 2007, 23:24
I just went through a DWI suppression hearing with one of the attorney's from his firm, the only thing I noticed was that he was trying to lock me in on my answers and environmental factors regarding the FST's. We won, don't know if we will see a trial or not.

Of course, I speak as an Officer and not an attorney so observations will be different.

I did see a 1/2 inch thick stack of motions he filed Eek
July 24, 2007, 09:53
Thanks. This is helpful already. Bgreer, who would I go through to get a copy of that transcript from the suppression hearing?
July 24, 2007, 16:57
Last time I looked at his website, Balagia had a list of 10 ways he would get your DWI case dismissed. Of course, most defendants would read this list online before ever talking to Balagia, so by the time he interviews them, they know exectly what to say to show that all the evidence should be suppressed. You should check it out.