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Vicent DeMio (Dimaio)

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October 09, 2009, 11:13
Fred Edwards
Vicent DeMio (Dimaio)
I just got noticed up that Dr. Vicent DeMio (Dimaio) formerly of Bexar County ME fame will testify in a baby death case I have...anybody with any information on him as a defense witness. The question is the length of time between the injury and the manifestation of the injury...thanks
October 12, 2009, 13:24
JK McCown
What sort of injury?
October 14, 2009, 15:24
Fred Edwards
Sorry for the delay...the ME report lists the following:
1. blunt force head trauma, acute
2. scalp and facial contusions
3. Intercranial hemorrhage...bilateral parasagittal subdural hemorrhage...patchy wide spread subarachnoid hemorrhage, inferior cerebal hemispheres and cerebellum
4. Bilateral perioptic nerve sheath hemorrhage with extension into surrounding periorbital soft tissue
5. Bilateral retinal and intravitreous hemorrhage with hemorrhagic retinal folds
6. Diffuse hypoxic ischemic injury...diffuse brain edema...eosinophilic neurons in thalamic and midbrain nuclei; vascular congestion and focal parechymal hemorrhage of the verebellar dentate necleus...acute bronchopneumonia
7. Blunt force trauma of the neck, torso and extremities, acute...neck and upper chest bruising wit soft hemorrhage and hemorrhagic thymus
8. Contusions of torso without sugnificant vasceral or skeletal injuries.

I think everyone agrees this child was murder but I believe that their expert Damaio is being brought in to say it was some other dude that did it.