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Dr. Seth Silverman

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July 29, 2002, 15:58
Dr. Seth Silverman
Just got a copy of a request to the Court from a defense lawyer to have Dr. Seth Silverman (a psychiatrist) appointed to examine a female child abuser (and child killer) for purposes of insanity and perhaps competency......(his motion doesn't really make sense.... go figure....) Has anyone heard of this person????? I'm sure it's a celebrity psych from somewhere since they're asking for the tax payers to pay for it but I can't place where I've heard the name..... Help!
July 29, 2002, 16:06
Mike, He's been a shrink in Houston for some years now. I've had him on one case and I found him to be fair, but with psychobabble that is always subject to change. I know he used to office in the same building Mike Hinton was in at 5400 Memorial.