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Charles Smith, DWI- share back my file please?

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March 03, 2014, 14:44
Georgette Oden
Charles Smith, DWI- share back my file please?
I was a prosecutor in Travis and Williamson county attorneys' offices and had put together a kill file for a DWI expert named Charles Smith.

I made the mistake of letting the original out of my possession and no longer remember who I lent it to (and obviously didn't get it back.) It was full of awesome impeachment stuff. Recently got a few requests for it and I'm hoping someone out there got a copy from me previously and wouldn't mind "sharing it back"... please?

Call me or email me and let me know:
Georgette Oden
Asst Attorney General, Criminal Appeals Divison
(512) 936-1773

THANK YOU in advance!

Criminal Appeals Division
Office of the Attorney General