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Ambien defense

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May 30, 2014, 10:21
Ambien defense
We have a continuous sexual assault trial coming up in which Defendant claims he didn't know that he was molesting his daughters, if he did, because he was knocked out on Ambien. I laughed at that until I googled "Ambien defense" and saw all the articles.

It sounds to me a lot like the Sexsomnia defense, but you can't just disregard these defenses when cases are getting reversed on them.

Has anyone had a case or done a bunch of research on those subects? Know any experts who have testified for either the State or the Defense?
The link from Eric Carrcerano on sleep disorders was very helpful, but I's sure like to find an expert, witness or otherwise, in Texas.

Any info anyone could send me or refer me to, I would appreciate. Thanks. Donnie