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November 23, 2005, 13:02
Linda Watson
Case Management Software
Can as many people as possible, please tell me what Case Management Software they use and to what extent it is used in their county? I understand Fort Bend has a system which was designed just for them. What about everyone else, both large and small and every sized county in between. Thank you!
November 29, 2005, 17:00
We are going to a new system. Government Service Automation. We will be converted sometime in January. Our office covers five counties in the Panhandle and we have seven employees. You can check out the website or email Ethan Crawford for more information. Their phone number is 800-305-9434
Hope this helps.
November 30, 2005, 10:04
Ken Sparks
We have a stand-alone case management system for our database, dockets, grand jury agendas, disposition reports, etc. It has a separate hot check component. It has a lot of features. We are not integrated with other departments. It is CLASS provided by Office Systems Center, 110 N. Main St., Victoria, TX 77091, phone 361-575-6886. We are in a small county and have three attorneys and 5 key personnel on our staff.
February 08, 2006, 14:07
Rick Mahler
Evelyn, I am truly sorry to hear that you are going to GSA. We have had them since the early 80's. We are just now switching to the browser based systems that other people had a decade ago. It will take several more years to be fully converted.
For the over $40,000 per month we pay them, you would think we might get better service but they only seem to be interested when it is contract renewal time.

Good luck, you will need it.
February 15, 2006, 08:42
Rick, What kind of problems have you had? We have signed a contract but as yet haven't switched over. We are having major problems with our internet and network people. Our providers say they can't give us the VPN that we need for the new software. GSA has been helpful during our problems with our provider. I would really like to hear about your concerns as they have mentioned your county when talking about others that use the system.
March 23, 2006, 13:19
Wesley Wittig
This is a more recent discussion of the similar thread started 4 years ago and still the same problems. We used a DOS-based system for years until it crashed in 2004 from the volume of data. Our county's MIS dept. wrote a Windows-based program that imported all of our data and customized it for our needs. It also merges data with MS Word. This is also temporary as the county is trying to interface all dept's(Sheriff, clerk, DA) so the info. only gets typed once for all to use. Since everyone has their own programs, this is difficult to do. The companies that have come out have excellent case management software for the clerk's office, but no prosecutor modules. They then modify what they have for the clerk to try and fit our needs, but it comes across as just that and it doesn't work. I saw Prosecutor's Dialog at one of our seminars and they had a fairly decent product as did Tyler Technologies. ACS blows. And you're talking about multi-million dollar contracts for some of these, so may limit your county's ability to get a good product. Call me at 281-238-3206 for more gory details - I was on the front lines.
March 28, 2006, 10:23
David H
All I can tell you is, if your county is looking at purchasing anything by The Software Group (or "TSG" - slick, huh?) run, don't walk, over to Brazos County. Then let me show you how frustrating our supposedly multi-million dollar system is. I can't possibly do it justice without describing it for the next hour.