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Paperless Technology

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August 13, 2020, 13:17
Paperless Technology
Our office is currently reliant on paper files. I am trying to move toward a paperless system. I am interested in any recommendations from someone that has implemented a paperless system. First, what type of laptop or tablet would you suggest. Next, what are the largest obstacles that you have had to overcome?
September 09, 2020, 16:22
I inherited the LGS paperless system. Pretty handy once you get familiar with it. I'm older and technology can present issues so it was awkward at first. Cost is an issue of course. Initial investment plus about $500.00 monthly fee. Getting accustom to not having paper to look at takes time. Still deal with occasional compatibility issues when a LE agency cannot get videos properly loaded to a thumb drive, etc. Realize, you are going from a dash or body camera into LE's office system then downloaded to a thumb drive, brought to us, put into our system then to LGS. Lots of opportunity for problems along that process. We are looking into accessing our SO's files directly to avoid some of those steps. Also, we have stand alone County and District Attorney's Offices. The DA has not gone electronic so occasionally we run into problems when we refer cases back and forth. Cases are kept off site so if internet goes down we cannot access files. If internet is "slow" it is a problem as well. You will need have good internet access if you are thinking about taking your laptop or tablet in to the courtroom. Previously you could just spin a file around to let a defense lawyer look at something. Cannot do that anymore. Just things to think about. Call with any questions. 361-275-0812. Talk to Whitney or Jay. Need to get your tech persons input also.