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LifeSafer Interlock of Texas-Request for Info

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January 09, 2004, 14:51
Shane Hadaway
LifeSafer Interlock of Texas-Request for Info
My Sheriff received a letter from LifeSafer Interlock of Texas, LLC, requesting a list of all arrests to include name, case number, date of birth, address, description or type of arrest. They have requested information from 10/1/03 through the current date and a weekly report.

It appears that this is a Public Information Act request and the information should be provided. The Sheriff�s Office produces a report each month that lists some of this information but not all of it. Would providing that report be okay?

It is also my understanding that the Sheriff�s Office only has to supply current information and not a weekly report. Is that correct?

Has anyone else dealt with this matter?
January 12, 2004, 10:32
My best recollection is the ORA does not require responses for on-going or future requests. I believe you can require a new written request each time information is requested, however, it has been a while since I looked at that issue.
January 12, 2004, 12:08
rob kepple
Mike may be right...I know that in the past bondsmen have tried to do an "open records request in perpetuity" for the very same information and been denied....
January 29, 2004, 09:00
mike bartley
Shane, we phoned them and told them we were a small county and based on the low number of DWI's, they elected to withdraw their request.

If they didn't, I think we would have had to give them the information...there was one standard form in our SO's computer which had all the info they wanted.

Ditto for what Rob and others said above, you are not required to provide continuing data. They have to request it for each time period they want.