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May 31, 2002, 13:02
Mark Edwards
Expert Witness
Has anyone dealt with Dr. Richard Ofshe from UC-Berkley re: coercion on a defendant who gave a confession.
May 31, 2002, 16:19
Robert S. DuBoise

I haven't dealt with him, but jumped on the Internet for half a second and ran a search. This guy has left a goldmine of transcripts and articles on the Internet:
(Transcript from Previous Testimony)
(case study of Ofshe�s analysis techniques)
(transcript of internet Q&A session with Ofshe)
(Affidavit from New Mexico Case)
(list of books written by Ofshe)
(listing him as panelist at Harvard seminar on wrongly accused)
(1998 article authored by Ofshe for Journal of Criminal Law)

Robert DuBoise
June 06, 2002, 00:02
At the Crimes Against Children seminar in Dallas last summer, I heard a presentation by a prosecutor who had to deal with Ofshe's "scientific" studies. She had all the angles on debunking him and had peer reviewed/reliable studies to cross him with. My seminar notebook is at work. Email me and I'll look up her name and contact info.
July 30, 2002, 21:40
Greg Miller
I don't have a transcript from Ofshe, but his "pupil"--Dr. Richard Leo--testified for the defense in a case I did in 2000 where the defense was claiming the Def gave a false confession. I'll be happy to send you Leo's testimony, if you would like it. Since he studied under Ofshe it might be of some assistance to you. Leo came across very poorly and my jury hated him.

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