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Putting an EM on a runaway - pre-trial

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October 22, 2015, 16:58
Putting an EM on a runaway - pre-trial
I have a juvenile who is a habitual runaway. We just found her and had her picked up in another county and I have filed a CINS petition. The other county held her for 24 hours and is releasing her to her mother who will bring her back here.

I want to put an electronic monitor on this juvenile as soon as possible because everytime her mother walks out of the room, she runs and we have reason to believe she has been a victim of sex trafficking. I can't get the CINS petition adjudicated immediately;

Has anyone dealt with pre-trial conditions of release on a CINS petition when their county was not the one who did the detention/release in the first place? Can this be done? Any insight would be much appreciated!!!