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sealed juvenile records

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May 23, 2006, 16:06
Paul Houston
sealed juvenile records
I could use a little help here from someone who has newer forms than I do. I have felony criminal case where I am enhancing using prior juvenile conviction where def. was placed on probation then violated probation a year later and brought back and convicted and sentenced to TYC.

I now have the jerk on 8 pending Burg. of Hab. cases and he seems to want a trial.

I alleged the enhancement using the rap sheet and am now trying to get a certified copy of the judgment. The county clerk in the juvenile case county tells me they seal all of their juvenile records and I can't have it. The record should not have been sealed to begin with but now I need to file the proper application under 38.007(g) to get my copy.

My problem is I can't find a copy of the form for that. If anyone has one, could you email me at It would do wonders for my blood pressure.
May 24, 2006, 10:35
Stacey L. Brownlee
Big GrinI don't mean to laugh at your problem but thats really funny. I love it when couties make up their own rules, as if the Family Code didn't do enough to protect juvi records as it is.

I am a little confused by the code number you used. I think what you want is a motion under 58.003(K). I'll send you one under that code section but if its not what you want, let me know what code the section your talking about is in and I'll try to help.
May 24, 2006, 11:13
Paul Houston
Its okay to laugh. I am (to keep from crying sometimes). The infuriating part was that I talked to 4 different clerks on the phone, each on passing me to another until I ended of with THE district clerk. She demanded that I cite a statute so she could read it for herself. That's when I hung up. Of course, she probably thinks I'm some idiot now that hung up because I was bluffing (maybe she'll figureit out when she gets the order to release).

Thanks so much for the help.

And the statute was a typo. Sorry. So hot I was typing too fast. Big Grin
May 24, 2006, 11:25
Stacey L. Brownlee
Big Grin
May 24, 2006, 11:38
Paul Houston
and now for the real laugh......

Just got a call from the defense attorney. His client decided to take the offer after all (just 'cause he confessed and then took the investigator out and showed him where and how he broke into these 8 houses)


At least I learned something useful.