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July 28, 2016, 13:58
John Placette
New Internet Challenge
I just read quite a bit about the newest cloud storage system: Upthere. Unlike ICloud, Dropbox and other cloud storage systems that utilize a data copy/sync system, Upthere uses a streaming system. It bills itself as only a custodian of data, not the owner of the data. The data belongs to the subscriber.

The data need not be stored on a local system, but is stored on the Upthere system. The data can also be shared with others easily.

What is going to be a challenge for law enforcement is that the data is not really stored on a local computer and can easily be deleted from Upthere using a username/password from any computer.

Maybe I'm reading this wrong, but I think this makes the retrieval of data much harder. It looks as though a search warrant for data must go directly to the subscriber and cannot go directly to Upthere.

I would like to hear more on this from someone more tech savvy than I.