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Great Tool for Investigators: Video Editing Tutorial

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September 10, 2014, 12:31
Kim Elliott
Great Tool for Investigators: Video Editing Tutorial

Investigators - Check out this Facebook page! Make a $20.00 donation that will go to the Investigator Scholarship Fund and this instant download is yours. The video editing tutorial was created by Lubbock CDA Chief Investigator Todd Smith and will make your job so much easier. Never again will you have to worry about capturing, editing, redacting, muting, or publishing a video to the jury.

This tutorial covers the use of many free software programs, and others which would require an investment of less than $200. (Lubbock County is not affiliated with these in any way)

Software Programs discussed in the Tutorial:

Womble - 30 day free trial, then $99.00
LiteCam HD - $38.00
SnagIt - $49.95
PowerPoint 2010
Windows Movie Maker - Free
Audacity - Free
Handbrake - Free
GSpot - Free

We should all be supporting our association by donating to TDCAF and the Investigator Section. Why not get this valuable tool for your donation?

Call or email Todd or me for more details.

Todd Smith:

Kim Elliott