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Keyboard Help - Alt key codes and charts

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May 28, 2008, 08:22
Keyboard Help - Alt key codes and charts
Received this e-mail from another post - thought it would be helpful.

"I ran into a problem today when I had to put a bunch of accent marks and other things I've never seen into a document. Thanks to Google, good old Bill Gates and his developers they had an answer. No longer do you have to open up a special keyboard, or worse yet, install a special keyboard to put all those funny little worms and hash marks above letters".


International Accent marks and diacriticals


Farina needs to be changed to Fari�a

Type Fari, then ALT + 0241 (numeric key pad with num lock ON) = �, then type the a = Fari�a

The tilde automatically goes over the n when the ALT key is released

ALT key codes and charts for several languages can be downloaded at: