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Trial Notebook update

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January 17, 2006, 10:46
Diane Beckham
Trial Notebook update
This summer, TDCAA will update its Prosecutor Trial Notebook and will be adding some new laminated sheets. We'd like to include single sheets on the most commonly prosecuted crimes. We have a DWI sheet in the notebook already, but other potential sheets include:

* murder
* theft
* possession/drug cases
* sexual assault/indecency
* assault/agg. assault
* family violence

What am I leaving out? And if you have an interest in any of the topics listed above, what kinds of information should they include?

Trial notebook laminated sheets are intended to provide a quick summary (or chart) of the relevant area of law. For instance, the "punishment evidence" sheet includes: (1) a list of the types of evidence that is admissible (i.e., defendant's prior records, extraneous offenses & bad acts, juvenile convictions, character & reputation evidence) along with examples and case cites; (2) a list of evidence that generally is not admissible; (3) methods of proving a defendant's identity; (4) variance; (5) notice; (6) enhancements; and (7) victim impact testimony.

Please e-mail ( or post any comments or suggestions. Thanks!