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2007 "Code of Criminal Procedure"

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August 08, 2007, 11:40
Martin Peterson
2007 "Code of Criminal Procedure"
Those using the newly published (olive green) edition of TDCAA's "Code of Criminal Procedure." should be aware that the "Rules of Appellate Procedure" section fails to include the changes made to Rules 25.2 and 48.4 by order of the Court of Criminal Appeals dated May 2, 2007, effective September 1. See Texas Bar Journal, June 2007 at 542.
August 12, 2007, 15:16
Diane Beckham
You're right, Martin. Those changes happened while we were going to the printer with the legislative changes to the other codes. We'll have amended pages available for download on the TDCAA site soon.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention.