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new 2009-11 books available

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September 15, 2009, 10:15
Diane Beckham
new 2009-11 books available
In case you haven't already gotten your copies of the new TDCAA code books, the 2009-11 versions are available and ready to ship. We have new editions on all of these books:

* Criminal Laws of Texas (annotated)
* Code of Criminal Procedure (spiral)
* Penal Code (spiral)
* Quick Laws (laminated two-page sheet)
* Texas Crimes (list of all crimes outside the PC)
* Transportation Code (selected statutes; annotated)
* Legislative Update
* Charging Manual

We're taking online orders for all of these publications.

In addition, a new Asset Forfeiture Manual will be available in early November and a new Offense Report Manual will be shipped to all elected prosecutors (courtesy of the TDCAA foundation) sometime this fall.

Thanks for your support of TDCAA publications!
September 15, 2009, 21:28
Ordered my new Penal Code and CCP yesterday and was amazed to have it waiting for me this afternoon. You guys are the best!