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February 10, 2007, 22:51
Mike Reed
New Publications
I've just taken the reigns at a small police department. I'm familiar with the TDCAA charging guide, annotated codes, the legislative update books, etc., but I've never looked to see how long after a session these types of things come out. What books should I consider ordering now, and which ones should I hold off a few months on?

I don't need solid dates - just rough ideas of the schedule for the various publications that would be of use to a law enforcement agency.

Also, I'm open to other recommendations on what we need to add to our bookshelf, use for training, use for preparing PCA's and complaints, etc.

Thanks in advance!
February 11, 2007, 15:11
Diane Beckham
Thanks so much for your question, Mike. All books related to the Penal Code/Code of Criminal Procedure are updated in the summer after a legislative session (every odd-numbered year). So this summer (ready to sell by early August), we'll be updating: (1) legislative update; (2) Criminal Laws of Texas; (3) Penal Code (spiral, with strikethrough/underline); (4) Code of Criminal Procedure (strikethrough/underline); (5) Texas Crimes (a listing and description of all 1900-plus crimes found outside the Penal Code); (6) Charging Manual (to be published Sept. 2007); (7) Annotated Transportation Code (listing of the most frequently used Transportation Code statutes and all TC offenses); (8) Quick Laws (a two-page laminated sheet of crimes and punishments in Texas).

The current editions (2005-07) of all eight of those publications will be good through Sept. 1, 2007, the start date of most new laws from this legislative session. So I'd recommend that you have at least one current copy of a Penal Code and CCP, but new books will be coming out in August 2007.

Other crime-specific books that are new or coming out soon and that might be of interest include: (1) Intoxication Manslaughter (written for prosecutors and officers -- released in January 2007); (2) Investigating & Prosecuting Child Sexual Abuse (being updated now; to be published June 2007); (3) Juveniles; and (4) DWI Investigation & Prosecution.

And some procedural books that might be of interest are: (1) Traffic Stops (coming out in March 2007); (2) Confessions (just came out fall 2006); (3) Investigator Desk Reference Manual (published Sept. 2006); (4) Warrantless Search & Seizure; (5) Warrants Manual; and (6) Extradition (written for prosecutors and officers).

I'd be happy to answer any specific questions you have about any of these books and whether they might be of use to you and your office. Please feel free to e-mail me ( or call the TDCAA offices (512/474-2436) and ask for me or for John McMillin, book sales manager.

Thanks for your interest,
Diane Beckham
TDCAA Senior Staff Counsel
February 13, 2007, 11:56
Ken Sparks
E-mail me at and I will send you an Offense Report Manual that could be used to train your officers.