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Does a juv. with a adjudication for a sexual offense in another state whose records are sealed have to register as a sex offender(I am not sure of the details). He is now an adult. We know about him because we supervised him as a juv.. If so, how would prove it if his records are sealed.
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Lots of varibles that will control the answer to your question, the main one of which is when the adjudication occurred and if he was required to register in his home state, when did the requirement to register end.

Of course I realize you would probably have to get a look at the original records to know the answers to those questions. In Texas, if you can show that you have a legitimate interest in the records, the juvi judge can sign an order releasing them to you, but that may not be the standard in the state where your case originated. I know as a prosecutor if someone were to call me and say hey should this guy be registered, I would check it out on my own and not make the citizen jump through all the hoops on their own. My suggestion is to drop a bug in the ear of a sympathetic prosecutor in the county of original jurisdiction.
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