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I have to try my first prostitution case in about two weeks. In fact, this is the first prostitution case in our county in at least 3-4 years.

what kind of questions should I ask a small, rural jury panel regarding this crime? I don't think I can ask them if they are pimps or have family members who are johns.
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Ok, that's pretty funny.

Well, if you're not going to ask if they'd ever paid or been paid for sexual conduct or knew someone who had and go one person at a time, I'd at least ask about "victim-less" crimes. Get them talking about drug use or some other crime of personal vice. After they talk about drugs and alcohol, maybe even cigarettes, throw out, 'what about prostitution.

If you get a good conversation going about which vices should or shouldn't be criminalized, it should be easy to slip into talking about the oldest profession.

Might ask about the HBO specials on hookers on the East coast that profile the miserable lives of streetwalkers.

I'd also make sure that I found out the juror's opinions on the difference between a streetwalker/corner hooker and a call girl. Call girls end up coming to a client's home or to a hotel and having very private moment. That may mitigate their beliefs on whther or not it should be criminal.
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