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There have been reports of Californian defense attorney who is a pornstar by night. Now a Kiwi police officer earns a lttle extra to subsidize her work in the criminal justice system:

An Auckland City police officer who worked a second job as a prostitute is still in the force despite the moonlighting being deemed incompatible with policing.

Jon Neilson, police media communications manager, said the officer was based in the Auckland City district but he would not confirm their rank or whether the officer was male or female.

"One serving police officer worked for a limited time as a prostitute," he said.

"(Deputy commissioner) Lyn Provost deemed the nature of the secondary employment as incompatible with policing and the officer is receiving counselling.

"The counselling is usually an internal thing where there is talk about what they've done," he said.
Mr Neilson would not say when or where the officer had worked as a prostitute as these were "matters confidential between the employer and employee".

But another source revealed to the Times-Age that the officer involved was a female who had earlier this year sought secondary employment because of financial difficulties.

The nature of the employment had come to the attention of authorities within the force in the past month, the source said.

Mr Neilson said secondary employment for the officer had not been "signed off by the commissioner or deputy commissioners" but was granted "at the district level".

He said applications for secondary employment are handled "on a case-by-case basis" and the incompatibility of the work with policing was a point that is also considered.

Minister of Police Annette King said the matter was an internal police employment issue and it was inappropriate for her to make further comment.

John Saunders, executive assistant to the minister, earlier said the case involves a female police officer and the ministry had known of the matter for some time.


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In light of revival of the old "Noodling Now Nice" thread, I must confess that I periodically give noodling lessons. My income from it is meager, since we have no real water bodies in my part of the state, and I don't know how to noodle.
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Other than that he's a great instructor (although, I must admit I don't know him and have never met him)
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Is there any truth to the rumor that Scott B's instructional repertoire will attempt a new take on catfish noodling (in salt water off the jetties) at South Padre Isle? Will Terry Breen be involved? Remember that both South Padre and Port Isabel have municipal ordinances prohibiting noodling for catfish in a speedo..., so bring some other duds! Big Grin
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When I first started in Dallas we had a prosecutor who threw a paper route before work. Had another who waited tables. Not nearly as skilled as noodling.
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We have a prosecutor, who also is a realtor and an adjunct professor in the business administration college.

As for noodling at Padre, when I was in law school, Spring break 1984 was memorable for me. We went to Padre and one night, stayed up all night to watch the sun rise, all the while drinking beer. A bunch of guyswere out on the jetties fishing and they kept bringing up puffer fish and tossing them on the rocks (I guess the puffers were eating their bait). If the number of puffer fish then is indicative of how many puffer fish there are now in the shallow gulf there, I would not be one to grab at anything in that water.

Speaking of the water off Padre, several years ago, a friend of mine from another DA's office saw me on the last day of the seminar & asked me, what I'd done the night before. I told him, I stayed up 'til 4:00 A.M. drinking beer & playing in chest-deep surf with a bunch of folks from my office. He immediately chastized me, saying he's flown over the beach here before, looked down and seen sharks and that there are a large number of sharks hanging around in that area.
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Gotta think a juror might find it a cause for concern that the waiter who served his baby back ribs at Chile's last night is the same guy arguing for the death penalty in court today.

Having come from a very small jurisdiction before my current job, we were permitted to have a private law practice on the side. It made for some interesting situations in voir dire.

"Sure I know you--you're the same SOB who sued my cousin Bessie Mae when her blue tick got into Billy Joe's chicken coop"
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