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I was recently forwarded the following web site, which is a database that collect information on informants and undercover law enforcement officers. Why is this legal?

BOSTON, Aug. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- The Internet has some interesting uses, but one new Web site proves we ain't seen nothin' yet. Unveiled today, Who's A Rat ( is the first site to allow users around the country to post local, state and federal agents' and informants' names, pictures and related information.

Legal? The founder of Who's A Rat says yes -- and has case law to prove it. Ethical? Regardless of your answer to that question, says the site's founder, the point of Who's A Rat is not to target law enforcement officers and their informants, but to assist attorneys and defendants with few resources as they prepare to stand trial.

To that end, each listing includes the informant's or officer's full name, age, location, race and occupation; agencies he or she works for; facts that bring the subject's credibility into question; known illegal activity and criminal record, if applicable; and picture, if available.
Users are also required to supply their own contact information or that of their lawyers.

"Every month, nearly 100,000 Americans are arrested on drug charges,"
explained Sean Bucci, founder and president of Who's A Rat. "What's more, there are over 2 million people in jail in this country because the government dedicates most of its resources to the `drug war' - yet drugs are more readily available and cheaper than ever. Although Who's A Rat was created to assist individuals involved in any criminal matter, we expect it will be particularly helpful to those with drug charges against them."

Because Who's A Rat is intended to be a resource for defendants, users can also enter criminal defense attorneys' information into a searchable database and upload case law or documents that may be helpful to others.
The "Latest News" section highlights current reports of criminal cases and paid snitches, while the site's message board allows users to discuss cases and witnesses. It may sound threatening to those on the right side of the law - but Who's A Rat reserves the right to edit or delete any material submitted by users that crosses the thin line between freedom of speech and criminal behavior. Bucci also encourages visitors to leave feedback.

Because all services are free, Who's A Rat accepts PayPal donations and includes an online store to help defray operating costs. Relevant ads are also accepted.

"Until today, many defendants had no reliable way to get information about the agents that arrested them or the informants that all too often tell outright lies in an effort to get their own criminal charges or sentences reduced," said Bucci. "Our site's extensive database will solve that problem for those who are having a hard time proving the officers or informants set to testify against them are not credible.
Who's A Rat is an important resource in finding that proof."
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Seems like someone doesn't like david much.
Most of his office and Huntsville PD/SO
seem to have been listed!!
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This site should concern prosecutors since several prosecutors or assistants, as well as a long list of what seems to be line patrol officers and investigators appears under the "agents" catagory. The only pictures I saw posted on the site were those of elected DA's but who wants a centralized clearinghouse for some zealot looking to blame some DA or ADA for his arrest/prosecution/incarceration?
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So what is the opinion of the man from Georgetown?
Inquiring minds want to know...
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