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Dr. Lloyd White was called by the defense in a child death case that we just tried. He performed the autopsy on the baby. I did not believe that I could sponsor him (even though he ruled it a homicide) bc of his significant issues that led to his termination in the Tarrant County ME's Office.

At a hearing outside the presence of the jury, Dr. White attempted to take the 5th and refuse to testify about the autopsy. He had all sorts of paranoid theories as to why he was in jeopardy. After conducting the inquiry, the judge ordered him to testify.

On cross, it was clear to the jury that he has a clear bias against those who investigate child endangerment. He had to admit that he had "resigned from the child fatality review board in Corpus Christi because they were conspiring to take away everyone's constitutional rights." He also had to admit that he believed he lost his job in Nueces County because the Texas Syndicate targeted him.

He is no longer employed with the Tarrant County Medical Examiner's Office. But, if you run into him in trial or at a post-conviction writ, please let us know. Our trial transcript will go a long way to show his extreme bias and his other significant issues...which included him sending our office weird pictures of his family with strange notes written on the back of the photos in purple magic marker.
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