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Dr. Young is noticed as an expert in a murder case I have in two weeks. As best I can tell, he is a former Medical Examiner from the Kansas City area. I subsribed to his newletter a couple of months back after he was noticed. Here is just a sample of some of the crazy things he writes:

"I know many of you prosecutors are reading this email right now as you prepare to try a case where I may testify. Tell me something: How likely is it that you will win the lottery if you were to buy a ticket?

Not likely but possible, you say? Now tell me something else: How likely is it that you will determine the winning lottery number -- or for that matter, the person who will win the lottery -- before the balls are cast? Now that is impossible, right?

This is a lot like what you do in court all the time: you develop a theory for complex past events you have never seen personally and you claim before a jury that your theory is right -- even though the probability of such a theory being right is very, very, very low (see "Diatoms and Retinal Hemorrhages..." in the Writing section of my website).

But you find witnesses who agree with you and you ignore or minimize witnesses who don't agree with you. You even attack the witnesses who don't agree with you, using every trick in the book to fool twelve men and women.

Sir or madam, if you do this, you are not a public servant. You are a public menace. If justice is done, you should be handcuffed and thrown in jail because you are a serial destroyer of lives.

Oh, I know: you think you are "doing your job." God help us all when you do your job! Maybe you should select another job -- one where you will actually do some good.

But you won't do that. Smugly and self-righteously, you will win at any cost. Every conviction is not only a mandate for your smugness and self-righteousness but it is also job security: your boss needs to get re-elected as the "tough" prosecutor, and you want to keep your job at all costs. If that is why you persist, you are a pathetic coward and you should be ashamed of yourself!"

Please email me if you have dealt with him before.
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