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Our detention center detains TYC parolees at TYC's request (pending revocation). Does anyone know the statutory authority for that, and, the statutory authority for holding them there without a detention hearing? Just curious.
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Perhaps...Texas Human Resources Code � 61.093. ESCAPE AND APPREHENSION.
a) If a child who has been committed to the commission and placed by it in any institution or facility has escaped or has been released under
supervision and broken the conditions of release:
(1) a sheriff, deputy sheriff, constable, or police officer may, without a warrant, arrest the child; or
(2) a commission employee designated by the executive commissioner may, without a warrant or other order, take the child
into the custody of the commission.
(b) A child who is arrested or taken into custody under Subsection (a) may be detained in any suitable place, including an adult jail facility if the person is 17 years of age or older, until the child is returned to the custody of the commission or transported to a commission facility.
(c) Notwithstanding Section 58.005, Family Code, the commission may disseminate to the public the following information relating to a child who has escaped from custody:
(1) the child's name, including other names by which the child is known;
(2) the child's physical description, including sex,
weight, height, race, ethnicity, eye color, hair color, scars, marks, and tattoos;
(3) a photograph of the child; and
(4) if necessary to protect the welfare of the community, any other information that reveals dangerous propensities of the child or expedites the apprehension of the child.
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