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The victim/witness coordinator here went to a seminar recently and was told that attaching an offense report to the CVC application moves the process along faster. Of course now she wants to attach the juvenile offense reports to the apps.

I don't want to be a stick in the mud but I just don't see where the Family Code would allow for that without 1) permission of the juvi court or 2) rule adopted by the juvi board.

CVC has told her that they just get a copy from the PD if one is not sent along with the app. so I am guessing that the PDs just send a copy when they get a request from the AG, permission or not.

Anyone else run into this issue ?
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Is CVC a "criminal justice agency" under the definition in the Goverment Code Sec. 411.082??If so, then under Sec. 58.007(e) of the Family Code: "Law enforcement records and files concerning a child may be inspected by...a criminal justice agency as that term is defined by Section 411.082, Government Code."Sec. 411.082(3)(A) defines a "criminal justice agency" as "...a state agency that is engaged in the administration of criminal justice under a statue or executive order..." If I had a doubt whether CVC was a "criminal justice agency, I would ask them, and if they said they were, I would advise my victim worker to provide the offense report directly to the CVC (but NOT to the victim.) I would never provide an offense report concerning a juvenile to the victim unless I had the court's permission. I would love to hear any feedback or other views on this.
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