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Have a kid that is going to be p/u for truancy. Mom is at wits end. Since only CINS offense, can only hold 24 hrs. Mom says, and has provided proof that Juvi. has been writing notes excusing some of the 20+ absences and signing Mom's name (I am assuming she writes the whole thing and signs Mom's name).
Is this Forgery? Intent to defraud school?
I'm always looking for bigger sticks. Not saying we will, but could it be?
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I don't believe that you could do anything under PC 32.32 because the false documents in that section have to be made to obtain property or credit. If there is any possibility of filing, it might be under 32.21 because you have a "writing" made with intent to defraud another which was "passed" and the writing purported to be the act of another wo did not authorize the act. The only section that it would fit under makes it a class A. See 32.21(a)(b)and (c). I imagine "forged" school notes are pretty common, but I don't know of one that was ever filed on - we did look at filing on a mother who forged doctor's notes excusing her child from school.
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