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CCP15.27 sets out the school reporting requirements. It sets out that post-arrest the law enforcement agency SHALL report specific crimes to the schools within specified time periods. However, if law enforcement fails to give this notice and the school gets wind of charges and calles juvenile probation, MAY juvenile provide this information to the schools (under FC 58.0051 or any other relevant statute)?
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I would tell my probation departments no.
Nothing like ticking off the Juvi Board by doing something you know is not called for in the code.
Unless of course your school and probation department have had the foresight to have an agreement under 58.0051. I certainly think that with a 58 agreement that type of info could be passed on. Haven't seen too many of those agreements but I think Jay Johannes in Columbus has one.

Code is very specific as to who can tell what and to whom and the school is definately not mentioned in 58.07.

I would refer the school back to the police department since they should have sent the notice to begin with. Nothing keeps the police department from filing a "late" notice.

Keep in mind of course the DA's office should be filing notice to the school upon adjudication so the school should get their notice then as well.

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