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Looks like we need to revise ID cards to stay current. A google search for "Texas HB 3613" returns info that this was signed by the Gov and is effective on Sept 1, 07.

HB 3613

There is now required content for our peace officer ID's. Read the bill for those requirements. One requirement, for a 24/7 phone number a person can call to verify the validity of the card, may pose problems for us small office guys. We just don't have office staff available 24/7.

Since I am usually the only one called after hours (we are a 1 investigator office) maybe the solution is to just put my cell number on the card, then, if I am standing on a stoop talking to someone who wants to verify that I am who the card says I am, they can just call me up and I can confirm it for them right then and there.
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This bill will become law on Sept. 1, but we have until Jan. 1, 2008 to issue them to our officers. Agencies who employ 1,000 or more officers have until Jan. 1, 2010.

I'm going to use my sheriff's office dispatch for the 24 hour phone number. The card also must have an expiration date. Since we work for elected officials I would suggest using the last day of your boss' current elected term of office.

The requirement that the cards must be tamper proof may create challenges for small offices. I'm working with my sheriff's office and constable's offices to come up with one card for all county peace officers to use.
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My company, Austin Biometrics, is a Texas HUB providing Security Products and Services, such as Live Scan Products, Facial Recognition, Emergency Notification Systems.

We also provide ID Badges. The software is simple to use and meets ALL of the requirements for the Peace Officers Specs. Including fingerprints and holograms.

1. You can purchase the software and hardware if you want your organization to have the ability to create your own.
2. I am negotiating with one of the Agencies to provide the badge as a service.

Part of the negotiation includes an idea of who would like to participate.

If you would like more information, please contact me in Austin at 512-919-4949. My e-mail is

Thank you.
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My dilema.........and I am sure that there are others out there. I am an uncompensated Part-Time (as needed) County Attorney Investigator. HB 3613 says that Full-Time and Part-Time investigators are to be paid at least the Federal Minimun wage. Since I don't fall under that and I am not considered a "reserve". How do I list my status? Part-Time (uncompensated) Peace Officer????

TCLEOSE was not at ALL helpful in a determination. She said that since I do not fall under the HB 3613 standards, then she didn't think I needed an ID card. I disagree with that, and don't want to put my agency in a bind.

I know there have to be others with this issue. Has anyone come up with a resolution?
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