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As everyone should know by now, the Investigator Section awards two scholarships each year in the amount of $750 each. One scholarship is awarded at the September annual update and one is awarded at the February investigator school.

The scholarship awarded in September is open to the dependents of ANY MEMBER of TDCAA.

The scholarship awarded in February is open to the dependents of members of the Investigator section ONLY.

In order to streamline the application and review process the Investigator Board, this past February, determined that both scholarship awards would have the same deadline date. That date was set at July first. ALL applications submitted must be postmarked not later than July first to be accepted for that year's awards. This gives applicants sufficient time to obtain copies of their transcripts and other school information, prepare their applications, and submit them to the review committees.
This is a change from years past. Formerly, there were two application deadlines, THIS IS NO LONGER SO, currently there is only one deadline, and that is July first.

An additional change was the elimination of the requirement to obtain two letters of recommendation.This simplifies the process for the applicants.

To read and obtain a copy of the qualifications and application please go to, when the web page opens, look at the top portion of the page for a block titled "Forms, Briefs, et. al." and click on it. When that page opens type "scholarship" into the key word search box and click on "submit". This will take you to a link to the application form, which lists all of the qualifications and requirements.

If you have any questions please direct them to any Investigator section board member, the scholarship committee chairperson, Joy Mills (Dallas County DA's Office), or myself, Terry Vogel, 69th District Attorney's Office (Dumas, Moore County).
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