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Sometimes, as prosecutors, we get struck by lightning while trying to do the right thing. For a fine example of a young prosecutor who stood tall and sought justice and got scorched for her trouble, see:

And let us give thanks that her boss stood tall as well. But we already knew Bill Turner was that kind of guy.

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In the midst of a difficult trial a while back, a fellow prosecutor in our office taped this job description on my computer:

PROSECUTOR WANTED: must be scholar, orator, counselor, negotiator, politician, spin doctor, and spiritual advisor when necessary. Ability to mete out wrathful vengeance while showing compassion a must. Required to work miracles, regardless of case facts or status of the law. Ability to walk on water a plus.

Whenever I have one of those days where it becomes readily apparent that you can never please someone/everyone by doing what you believe is right, I refer myself back to this job description.

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Judgeitis Disease is a horrible malady that infects far too many judges. Often, the only cure is complete removal from office. Usually this offers a complete cure, and the patient is able to return to a normal, healthy life, as he re-learns the basic social skills and courtesies--which most people master by the time they graduate from the 1st grade--that make life tolerable.

Still, if you know of someone suffering from Judgeitis Disease, and it's a long time to his reelection, you can try to do this person a favor. Try sending him a copy of "Emily Post's Etiquette" ($8.95 from Barnes & Noble Online)or perhaps "Grover's Guide To Good Manners," (a child's book, but the level of instruction might be just about right. $4.99 from B&N.)along with a sappy Get Well card from Hallmark. Write something kind on the inside of the card, something like, "We hope this book will help you overcome your Judgeitis Disease. Our hopes and prayers are with you. Good luck." And then, to show you mean him no malice, sign it with a smiley face.

Such an act of kindness can do wonders. But in case it doesn't, I recommend sending this package anonymously.


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Way to go Laura. Auschwitz guard -- I like that! And have you even been to Mt. Sinai? Congratulations on having a boss like Bill Turner who will stand behind you. Has this judge been evaluated for possibility of mental illness? The article makes it sound like he's pretty over-the-edge.
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