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About a week ago my boss alerted me that the County Judge and other interested county officials had discovered the desirability of instituting a county-wide vehicle use policy (none presently exists). Then, while snickering and jeering, my boss informed me that I was to attend the meeting as the representative of the county attorney's office. At the end of the meeting, three things were clear, (1) the County Judge wants a comprehensive vehicle policy that limits, as far as is possible under the Texas Tort Claims Act, liability for the County; (2) other members of county government want a liberal policy that accommodates use of county vehicles by county employees for "other than scope of employment use"; and, (3) my boss has finally discovered that I have been sitting on my hands at the end of the hall for the past four years.

So, if anyone has a well researched, comprehensive and reality-tested policy I would love to plagiarize a copy of it in order to (1) placate the County Judge and (2) continue my employment.

Specifically, I am seeking a policy that addresses the following issues:

1. The possible use of a waiver/release of liability for circumstances when members of the public ride on/in county vehicles for other than official purposes, such as kids riding of a fire-truck during a parade;

2. A points system for objectively assessing an employees driving record and making determination about employees who are and are not permitted to drive county vehicles;

3. The insurance implications/angles related to a county vehicle use policy;

4. Potential FLSA wage liability, such as when a non-exempt employee uses a county vehicle to travel to and from lunch;

5. Tort liability that results to the employee if involved in an accident resulting in property damage, physical injury or death while NOT engaged in the scope of their job duties;

6. Tax implications; when does the use of a take-home vehicle become a taxable perk or part of an employees compensation package?

7. Take-home vehicle usage/policy;

8. Mileage and fuel consumption accountability; and,

9. Any additional related issues that I have overlooked.


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