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A lady has some farm acreage that she sells and carries the note. She later forecloses on the acreage and finds out when she takes it back that there are pretty severely delinquent property taxes on it plus the penalties and interest for several years. She has paid the back and current taxes but wants to know if the penalties and interest can be waived. The appraisal district sent her to the county judge; he sent her to me.

I have looked at the Tax Code, and this situation does not appear to be one that the commissioners can waive the penalty and interest on. Does anyone else know if this is possible, or is this lady out of luck?
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I'm sure you've looked at Tax Code Section 33.011. There are very few situations in which the county must waive P & I, and fewer still where the county has discretion in this matter. The idea is that all taxpayers are treated equally. I'm assuming that neither the county nor the appraisal district acted, or failed to act, which resulted in the delinquency.

Looks like she's out of luck here.

Which firm collects the county's delinquent taxes? I was with Perdue Brandon in Lubbock from 96 til 02.
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