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Anyone have info on this guy? I've already checked with Richard Alpert's office - nothing. Toxicologist from Missouri. I've found some articles on the web - sounds like the standard Liar For Hire. He's a defense expert in an Intox Assault case for next month where our blood was drawn 5 hours post-crash. According to the latest defense documents, Martinez will "be essential the Defendant's defense that he did not have a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or higher WHILE DRIVING."

Any info/help is appreciated.
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Dr. Martinez has 4 college degrees and approximately 100 publications. He has 5 current board certifications including the American Board of Toxicology and the Academy of Toxicological Sciences. He was a college professor for 26 years, and he worked in poison control for a 10 year period, assisting in the treatment of over 30,000 patients. He has been an invited speaker for the MO. Bar Association, the MO Municipal and Associate Circuit Judges' Association, and the Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy. He has been doing expert witness work since 1985, when a lawyer found him in his research lab. You should be careful on what you say in a blog site. It is not the same as standing on a soap box in the park. On the other hand there is no bad publicity. Thanks for the advertising. Best wishes, T. Martinez.
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