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Dear Gang,

Here is a link to an Associated Press Article to hit the newsstands today:

It is an article regarding and ex-police officer out of Deena�s territory in Corvallis, Oregon. He has set up shop in Idaho as a defense Witness Having Other Reasonable Explanation in DUI and DRE cases. A few months ago he testified in a case where the Idaho prosecutor contacted me. Deena and I, along with Chuck Hayes and Sgt. Tim Plummer from Oregon put together a battle plan and collected information on this ex-cop. The Idaho prosecutor used this information to absolutely embarrass and discredit this witness. I know Dave Cox is still consulting in cases, but I have not heard about him actually taking the witness stand again. I have been trying to get a transcript of the case, but so far it has been a budgetary problem.

Long story short, if Dave Cox is appearing in your state, please let Deena or I know so that we can provide you with the information to shut this guy down. I wish the article had been stronger pointing out the irony of an ex-cop who is being investigated for making hundreds of false arrests is now making a living claiming all cops are just like him! I know Deena has already sent the article out on her listserve today, and I expect the article to unfortunately drum up some more business for Dave Cox in my state.

Jared D. Olson
Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor
Idaho Prosecuting Attorneys Association
Idaho POST Academy/PO Box 700
Meridian, ID 83680
(208) 884-7325 (Office)
(208) 884-7295 (Fax)
(208) 559-1217 (Cell)
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I noticed that Dave Cox is scheduled to teach two Defending DWI courses in August, one day in San Antonio and another day in Houston. I noticed in the article that one of the things he testfies on is recognizing an intoxicated driver. I found that interesting because apparently, he seemed to have trouble with that when he was a police officer since the local prosecutor had to dismiss a 100 + cases based on serious questions whether those defendnants had actually been intoxicated when he arrested them.

Janette A
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