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Hi there - I am a felony DPA in Yakima County Washignton, and I am scheduled to start a felony murder case a week from tomorrow. The defendant was eluding the police when he ran a red light and hit another vehicle killing two young men and injuring another. He was high on meth at the time and was driving a stolen vehicle. The defense has indicated that they intend to assert a diminished capacity/voluntary intoxication defense --- the underlying �mental disorder� being Poly-Substance Intoxication/Dependence and Dysthymic Disorder (chronically depressed mood). Unlike other parts of the country, Washington does allow for a voluntary intoxication instruction where the mental state is recklessness.

They have indicated that the will be calling Mark D. Cunningham a psychologist from Lewisville Texas. I have read a few threads and I see that this guy is not well thought of. I need any information, transcripts etc that might help me in dealing with this "expert."

Thanks so much. Therese Murphy

Therese Murphy
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I have quite a bit of material on Dr. Cunningham. If you send me your address, I'll be happy to send it to you.

My telephone # is 817-884-1695 and my e-mail is:
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