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Dr. Mears is a defense expert whom I anticipate will testify that a defendant killed his wife while he was insane due to the Topamax he was taking. Anyone know anything about him? I saw that someone had posted about him a few years ago, but that person quit posting on this site in 2006.

My email is in my profile, and my phone number is 936.560.7766.
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<Bob Cole>
He is a pretty straight-shooting forensic psychologist out of Tyler. I've had him as a prosecution expert in state court and in a court-martial. He was also frank enough to tell us, after examining certain cases, whether he would be helpful. When he thought it wouldn't be a good idea to call him as a witness he would tell us as soon as he reached that conclusion. If you have facts that support a different conclusion than he has reached, he'll say so on the stand. He's a very smart man. I have not seen him for about three years.
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I used Gary Mears as a prosecution expert in a capital murder case I tried several years ago. I thought he was honest and competent. I would be surprised if he doesn't shoot straight with you. He will probably be willing to visit with you about his findings before the trial if you give him a call.

Ed Lane
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I think he might have also consulted with the prosecution in the Johnny Paul Penry case. Call Lee Hon in Polk County, he might have some information for you.
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