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Has anybody used or seen an expert that you can recommend to testify to the effects of Meth on human behavior. . Please respond to:
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Contact Wes Wittig at Fort Bend County DA's at 281-341-4460. He hooked me up with some good folks. Also, the Houston DEA may be able to assist you in this area.

It is very important, in my opinion, to provide expert testimony to the factfinder as to the dangers, both immediate and long term, of meth in order to get an appropriate sentence for a dealer or manufacturer of meth. Since much of it is made using extremely toxic chemicals, like red devil lye and drano, some good testimony as to the effects is helpful.

You also might want to try your local ER's and see if any Docs have any perspective on this issue. They probably see the end results frequently.

A year and a half ago, Wes hooked me up with several witnesses I used on a guy that had a rolling meth lab in his trunk with lots of product in his lap. He had fallen asleep as his girlfriend was looting a thrift shop donation box and had a huge plastic bottle of meth in his lap when officers encountered him. The verdict: 35 years, with one prior SJ felony conviction in his history. One less meth dealer killing folks.

The liver is particularly vunerable to meth abuse. It is often the first major organ that fails for heavy meth users. Last year one of our witnesses in a murder trial (over meth) dropped dead at 38 a few days before the trial. The cause? Total liver failure.
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