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This may be an odd question but we have been trying to revamp our basic form bank...things as simple as subpeonas, basic motions that are common to prosecution practice, notices, discovery responses...just the stuff we do everyday in this business. What we have is old and in many cases has been changed around to be almost unrecognizable. Everyone has various pirated forms we have carried with us from other jurisdictions and they work for us individually but are without any degree of uniformity.

Can anyone recommend a publication or any material we can economically lay or hands on to revamp all this old stuff. TDCAA use to have forms of various types but I can't find them any more. ProDocs sells forms but it is a little pricy for our little old county particularly considering there is a bunch of stuff we will never use.

Any ideas...suggestion???
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I recommend a day trip to an office of your choice. Buy them lunch, talk to them, bring blank CD's.
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