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[This one is from Missouri. If you can help, reply to Debbie Wells at - Shannon]

"I am with the Buchanan County Prosecutor's Office in St. Joseph, Missouri. We tried the defendant in the above case in September. State v. Zacheriah Tripp. Jury hung 10 guilty/2 not. Will re-try in February.

For the new trial, defense is now employing two new experts:

C. Stephen Carr, PhD, c/o Innovative Product Technology, 37053 Cherry Street, #106,
Newark, CA. He will look at defendant's laptop Compaq computer. This laptop was
wiped (WipeInfo by Norton Utilities) - after the murder - we introduced it after
evidence was presented that the defendant (age 16 at time of murder) carried it
everywhere, used it all the time, etc. It now shows totally nothing - except the
remnants of the WipeInfo software.

William J. Arnoult, III, PhD, PE, 5102 Laurelwood Dr., Kingwood, TX. He will look at
stereo wire that bound the victim's hands. Matching wire was found attached to car
speakers in defendant's garage. He will try to find any difference in the wire that he
can. Our criminologist stated the wires were consistent in every aspect - chemically,
etc. They even had a continuing scratch in common.

Are these experts known to any prosecutors - we need any info on them we can get.
Defense has stated they got them from TASA if that helps. We need this information
within the next few weeks if possible. Thank you.

Debbie Wells
Buchanan County Prosecutors Office
(816) 271-1480
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