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This is information that can be used by every county, big or small.

Dear Mr. Cox:

This is the information you requested at the recent Key Personnel Seminar.

To get set up on Western Union you will need to call Kathy Soper @ (800) 525-6313 x 111.

All equipment is free. The printer, checks, toner, and ribbon. Western Union provides all maintenance on the equipment.

You must have a dedicated phone that cannot be shared with any other office equipment such as a fax machine.

Check writers can pay by credit card as well. Any debit card with a Visa or Mastercard logo can also be used. They can call a 1 800 number or they can use their credit card online on the Western Union website.

If there is a high volume the county could get some revenue back. Western Union has what they call a Revenue Share Program. The county would get a percentage of overall funds sent to you by Western Union.

Also, all funds are guaranteed. If there is some reason the credit card is no good and Western Union already sent you the funds. It is Western Union's problem and not yours. There is a two to five minute turnaround. Once the check writer has sent the money by Western Union the printer is printing a check within five minutes.

At the seminar I said Western Union is totally free, but you do have to pay for a dedicated line. A line that will be used only by Western Union.

I believe this does fall within the three E's you use. It is easy for the check writer. I added a note to the bottom of my demand letter with the Western Union information. The check writer does not have to call me or even come to the office. They can send their money online. Also, my office does not have to be open for them to send their money. They can send their money @2:00 a.m. In the morning there will be a check waiting for me. It is easy for me. I am able to get the money for the merchant faster. It also speeds up my whole process of getting restitution checks to my merchants.

Also, Western Union can be used for other offices as well. We are a small county. I currently use Western Union to accept payments for our County Clerk, District Clerk, Juvenile Probation, and EMS. We plan to use this for the round up that the County Clerk's office has every December.

Each office can have their own printer if they would like but we found it to be cheaper if we just had one.

I hope this helps in your collections.


Andrea Cardenas
Austin County Hot Check Coordinator

I hope this helps other counties as well.

If any one has any questions, email me or call (979) 865-5933
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