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Our office is searching for a digital recording system to provide to our local law enforcement agencies for the purpose of recording interviews and interrogations. We have experimented with the INTELLEX and PELCO DX8000 systems with no satisfaction. The system we seek first records an interview to its hard drive (in sharp, clear, real time). The Detective or Officer can then select the date & time of their interview, burn that interview to a CD or DVD (in sharp, clear, real time under an AVI file). The CD or DVD is delivered to the District or County Attorney who should be able to download the interview to a PC hard drive, edit the interview, and burn the new CD or DVD (in sharp, clear, real time), for courtroom presentation. If you know someone who is currently using such a system please contact me in Georgetown, Texas at 512-943-1244. Thanks,

Howell Williams, Investigator
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Howell -

I had some luck talking to a couple of local churches that audio tape their services (in real time, with excellent quality), then edit (take outs the announcements, gaps, etc.), and burn copies to CD for members who are out of town, home-bound, etc. You might ask around to see what software / hardware is used, what their results are like, and if they will give you a CD to check out. You might also check out Visionary software (I think it is ) - they have some free downloads that should work on most PC's. An insurance defense attorney told me he uses it a lot in trial, but I have not checked it out. Good luck.
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