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I work in the District Attorney's office in the county where I live. I have been asked by the county clerk's office to be the official election translator. I accepted. I was told that I would get paid election's clerk pay, but that I would not be able to be paid for the hours of 8-5pm being that I already draw a salary from the county. I do not draw a translator pay from the county for the translation services that I provide during the hours of 8-5. Shouldn't I be able to draw the translator's pay for the election because I do not draw a salary from the county for translation services I provide during the hours of 8-5? I was told that I would be paid time and half for the branch voting hours and election day from 7-8am and then 5-7pm.

I do not know how other bilingual people are handled in other counties. I was hired in 1998, at that time the starting pay was $15,000/yr. I started at $17,000.00 because I was bilingual, but it has not been continued over the years. I only got the $2,000 the first year. Every year after that I have only gotten by regualar salary. Over the years I have become the unofficial courthouse translator. I translate for the County Clerk's Office for people wanting to get birth certificates, marriage licenses, and for people wanting to pay on the criminal cases. I translate for our receptionists, the tax office, the District clerk's office for civil, criminal and passport information, I, also, translate for the County Judge's office, the environmental department, Adult and Juvenile Probation and statements for the different police agencies in our county. I even at times have to translate for attorney's who have child custody suits in court. I do not get any compensation for that. I have had to translate pleas as well in county and district court. I also have county employees referring people to me to have ballots translated. I have translated public notices for elections and special elections.

Let me know how other counties handle this kind of situations.

You can call me at 979-865-5933 or email me at

Wondering what to do,

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