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Have a Juvi that is on TYC(?) parol from Nevada. Don't think I said that right so I'll try again. He was convicted of Burglary in Nevada and was sent to their version of TYC (NYC???)and is on Parol. Moved down here to be with Mom. My understanding is that TYC is handling supervision thru interstate compact.
Juvi has now picked up couple of offenses. Has been on release with conditions for Truancy since December. In October and November, alleged to have committed Crim Tresspass and Crim. Mischief and Graffiti - broke into vacant rental house and tagged the inside pretty good (Don't think it was another burglary b/c his girlfriend had a connection to the home in some way). We didn't get the cases until just recently. My understanding was that they were sent to his TYC Parole Officer who then filled out Interstate Compact info(?) for Nevada and has been waiting to hear from them.
I guess my question is what is the chance that NV will go thru the time and effort and expense to extradite him back to NV? Is there anything I should be doing to speed up the process? Basically, we have these 4-5 month old cases and aren't sure whether we should be trying to adjudicate him on them or wait and see if NV will violate him? AND is it possible for us to adjudicate him on the offenses and then let NV handle the disposition? Or do we do the disposition ourselves and if so can sending him back to NV be part of the disposition?
Sorry for the length of the post.
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I have not had much luck with TYC parole revocations and less luck with out of state paroles, but I have never dealt with Nevada.

Considering his history, I would go ahead with an adjudication and disposition and send him to TYC [even if its just misds that you have his felony in Nevada should be adequate for 54.04(t)].
I've never done an adjudication and sent the dispo to another state but it is possible to do the ajudication and dispo and send the kid and the dispo to another state, but that process is LENGTHY.
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